Videography Tips For Beginner Videographers - Videography Tips for Beginners

Meta Explains Videography Tips For Beginner Photographers

How To Shoot SLT Video For Beginner Videographers

Videography Tips – In this section of Videography Tips, Meta Explains Videography Tips For Beginner Videographers using your Sony SLT Camera.

Using Your Sony SLT Camera for Videography – You can shoot HD Video (1920x1080) with your Sony SLT Cameras. To playback video, connect your Sony Digital Camera to your HDTV with a Micro HDMI Cable and Operate the Sony Digital Camera with a Sony Wireless Remote Control.

Where To Buy The Best Videography Books

Meta’s Videography Tips For Beginners

Meta’s Videography Setup for Sony Digital Cameras

How To Shoot Videography – For Video Production on a Cropped Sensor Sony Digital Camera, like the Sony a77 II Digital Camera, Meta uses her Minolta AF 24mm f/2.8 Prime Lens (36mm Equivalent) and her Minolta AF 20mm f/2.8 Prime Lens (30mm Equivalent) set wide open at f/2.8 for her Videography Productions. Meta finds her Minolta AF 50mm f/1.4 Prime Lens (75mm Equivalent) a bit too close for close-up video.

Fast Prime Lenses work better in Lower Light and will produce Higher Quality Video with more Cinematic Shallow Focus Effects than Zoom Lenses. You’ll want also to add a Variable ND Filter (1.5–9 Stop) when Shooting in Bright Sunlight with a wide open aperature of f/2.8. Variable ND Filters are easy to adjust as the light changes, without having to switch in and out of a Fixed ND Filter.

When using Prime Lenses to Shoot Video, if you need to Zoom In – Just Walk Closer.

Meta’s Videography Tips – Sony Digital Camera Setting for Videography

MENU –> Gear 2 –> Peaking Level –> Low (Helps with Manual Focusing. Low is more sensitive and more exact)
MENU –> Gear 1 –> Audio Level Display –> On (Displays VU Audio Meters)
MENU –> Gear 7 –> MOVIE Button –> Always
MENU –> Gear 2 –> Movie File Format –> MP4 (Better for Computer Editing). If your Video Editing Software can handle AVCHD Try It
MENU –> Gear 2 –> Movie Record Setting–> 1440x1080 12M (MP4 Video Mode)
MENU –> Gear 9 –> Wind Noise Reduction –> On
MENU –> Gear 9 –> Audio Recording –> On (Both Audio and Video Recorded)
MODE DIAL –> Movie Mode. This automatically activates Live View and Switches to the 16:9 HD Video Aspect Ratio

Meta’s Videography Tips For Beginner Videographers

Audio Recording – Use an External Microphone with a 3.5mm Stereo Audio Jack. Plug into the red side hole on the Sony Digital Camera.
Faster Storage Media – Use a Large and Fast 256 GB SD Card, as HD Video takes up a lot of SD Card Space.
Aperture Setting – Sony Digital Camera’s phase-detect auto focus module prefers a wide-open aperture, like f/2.8 for video.
ND Filter – Shooting in Bright Daylight with a Wide Open Aperture requires a Variable ND Filter.
Auto Focus – Vintage Minolta Maxxum AF Lenses use a Very Noisy Motorized Auto Focusing System which is not recommended for Video using the Internal Microphone. Use Manual Focus or Attach an External Microphone for Audio Recording when Video Recording.

Slik Pro 700DX Tripod – This tripod can be fitted with a Ball Head with Round QR Plate for Smoother Videography.

Meta’s Videography Camera Settings

Camera: Sony a77 II Digital Camera
Lens: Minolta AF 24mm f/2.8 Prime Lens or Minolta AF 20mm f/2.8 Prime Lens
Camera Mode: Movie Mode
Tripod: Slik Pro 700DX Tripod with a Sony Wireless Remote Control
Tripod Bag: 90cm Tripod Bag
Focus: Manual Focus with Peaking Color Turned On
ISO: 100
White Balance: Auto
Shutter Speed – 1/60th of a Second is Automatically Set when in Movie Mode
Aperture: Wide Open at f/1.4 or f/2.8
Filter: Variable ND Filter – Prevents Over Exposure at Wide Open Apertures in Bright Sunlight
Microphone: External Microphone

Sony a77 II Video Specifications (May Apply to Other Similar Sony Digital Cameras)

• Video Battery Life: About 2 Hours per Battery. Attach a Sony A77 Dual Battery Grip for 2x Longer Video Shooting Time.
• Continuous Video Shooting: About 20 minutes or 2 GB Per Video Clip.
• Available Recording Time: 256 GB SD Card – Holds About 12 Hours of Video Files.
• BitRate – MP4 Format: 12 Mbps. AVCHD: 17 and 28 Mbps.
• Connect your Sony Digital Camera to your Sony HDTV with a Micro HDMI Cable.

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