Food Photography Tips for Beginners

Meta Explains Food Photography Tips For Beginner Photographers

How To Shoot Food Photography for Beginner Photographers

Food Photography Tips – In this section of Digital Photography Tips, Meta Explains Food Photography and Restaurant Digital Photography Tips For Beginners.

Studio vs. On-Site Food Photography – Food Photography and Restaurant Photography involves getting fairly close to your food subject, either in a Controlled Studio Environment or more often On-Site at a Restaurant, and shooting with a Special Minolta Macro Lens, the Minolta AF 100mm f/2.8 Macro Lens. Food Photography and Restaurant Photography can be fun, creative and profitable, but requries some pre-photography food touch-up skills for Food Photography Quality.

Where To Buy The Best Food Photography Books

Meta’s Food Photography Tips

Meta’s Food Photography Setup

How To Shoot Food Photography – Meta uses her Minolta AF 100mm f/2.8 Macro Lens (Photo: Left) for Food Photography and Restaurant Photography.

Slik Pro DXS Tripod – This Short Sturdy Tripod has No Center Column, so it can lay flat on the ground. This Tripod is perfect for Low Level Food Photography. Fits in Compact Tripod Bag. Use with a Slik Ball Head with Round QR Plate. 5 Star Rated!

Special Backgrounds – Meta Food Photography Backdrops, which are highly recommended for use for Studio Food Photography and Restaurant Food Photography. Meta often uses a piece of Light Absorbing Black Velvet to lay behind food subjects.

Meta’s Food Photography Camera Settings

Camera: Sony a77 II Digital Camera
Macro Lens: Minolta AF 100mm f/2.8 Macro Lens
Camera Mode: Aperture Mode to Control Depth of Field
Tripod: Slik Pro DXS Tripod with a Ball Head with Round QR Plate
Tripod Bag: Compact Tripod Bag
Focus: Manual Focus with Peaking Color Turned On
ISO: 100
Shutter Speed – 1/30th or 1/250th of a Second
Aperture: Between f/4 to f/8
Drive Mode: Continuous Shooting: Hi
Filter: CPL Helps with Reflections
Flash: Sony HVL-F45RM Flash

Use PC Remote Control to Wireless Tether The Sony Digital Camera to your iPhone, iPad or MacBook for Remote Control and Viewing.

What’s Inside Meta’s Food Photography Touch-Up Field Kit

Meta’s Food Photography Touch-Up Field Kit attaches to the back of her Camera Bag. This Modular Configuration is used only for her Food Photography Touch-Up contains:
• 1 Small Sharp Scissors – To Trim Food Items
• 4 Fine Mist Water Bottles – 2 Water and 2 50% Water / Vegetable Glycerin
• 1 Gravy Master Browing Sauce – To Color Meats
• 12 Foam Wedge Make-Up Sponges – To Raise Up Food Items
• 1 Fan Make-Up Brush – To Tidy Up Food Items on Plates
• 1 Small Concealer Brush – To Touch Up Food Items
• 1 Museum Putty – To Hold Larger Items In Place
• 1 Anti-Static Tweezers – Fine Adjustments to Food Items
• 12 Bamboo Toothpicks – Hold Smaller Items In Place
• 2 Microfiber Lens Clothes – For Food and Plate Cleanup
• 1 12” Compact Reflector – Reflects Rear Light Back On Subject

Digital Photography TipsTake your Food Photography to the next level! Meta carries Four 1 oz. Fine Mist Water Bottles, two with a 50% Water / Vegetable Glycerin Solution, one with Distilled Water and one with Gravy Master Browing Sauce. A few fine mists can create that fresh effect on fruit and vegetables or add color to meats.

Meta Explains Food Photography Books

Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots

Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots

– Nicole S. Young

Do you need help making your food look as delicious as it tastes? Are you a “foodie” hungry for more tantalizing photos of your culinary creations? Do you have a food blog that you’d like to take to the next level, with better images and a stronger business strategy? Then this Food Photography Book is for you!
Food Photography and Lightning

Food Photography and Lightning

– Teri Campbell

Creating mouth-watering food images requires more than just a love of food and access to a kitchen. With the popularity of food blogs and photography how-tos, it’s tempting to think that anyone can photograph food, but it’s another thing entirely to shoot for a tight ad layout with the pressure of your client watching over your shoulder.

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