What's In My Camera Bag for Beginners

Meta Reviews What’s In Her Camera Bag For Beginners

What’s In Meta’s Camera Bag for Beginner Photographers

Camera Bag Checklist – Meta Standardizes and Organizes all of her Camera Accessories in her Camera Bag, so she knows exactly where everything is located, how many items she should have, what is missing and what Disposable Supplies, such as Moist Lens Cleaning Wipes, need to be Reordered from Amazon.

All of Meta’s Sony Digital Camera’s, Tripods and Camera Bags are labeled with 1” Vinyl Number Stickers for Easy Identification and Faster Inventory Control.

View Meta’s Camera Bag Checklist

Where To Buy The Best Camera Accessories

What’s in Meta’s Camera Bag?

Think Tank Photo Digital Holster 20 Bags
Think Tank Photo Digital Holster 20 – Fits 3” to 5” Lens

Standardization and Organization – Keys to a Photographers Success

Modular Camera Bags – Meta uses Modular Think Tank Photo Digital Holster Camera Bags (Photo: Left) to carry her Sony a77 II Digital Cameras, custom fit for her small, medium and large Vintage Minolta AF Lenses, with and without the Sony Dual Battery Grip. This Modular Camera Bag System comes complete with a Built-In Rain Coat and Padded Shoulder Strap!

Think Tank Photo Camera Bags – Meta owns many Think Tank Photo Digital Holster Camera Bags. The Bag Size and Model depends on the Camera and Lens Length:
Think Tank Photo Digital Holster Camera Bag 20 – Sony a77 II with 3”–5” Lens
Think Tank Photo Digital Holster Camera Bag 30 – Sony a77 II with 6”–9” Lens

Note: Think Tank Photo Digital Holster Camera Bag 10 will NOT fit the Sony a77 II Digital Camera, but it will fit the smaller Sony a65 Digital Camera.

If you use the Sony Dual Battery Grip, consider these two Wider Think Tank Photo Digital Holster Camera Bags:

Think Tank Photo Digital Holster Camera Bag 40 – Sony a77 II with 3”–5” Lens
Think Tank Photo Digital Holster Camera Bag 50 – Sony a77 II with 6”–9” Lens

Camera Bag Checklist – Meta’s Camera Bags are checked before they leave and rechecked when they return, using her simple, but effective Camera Bag Checklist. Pay Special Attention to Disposable Supplies, which are often used up in the field, but not always accounted for, like camera cleaning supplies.

CR2032 Lithium Batteries are replaced once every spring.
Sony Digital Camera Batteries are swapped out and recharged after each use.
• Cotton Carrier Hub Screw Tightened with 5/32” Allen Key – Check After Each Use.
• Any Camera Supplies that are in Short Supply are Reordered from Amazon.
• Cameras and Lens Exteriors are wiped down with Alcohol Cleaning Wipes.
Alcohol Cleaning Wipes remove bug wipes, dirt, facial oil, sweat and make-up.
• Optics are cleaned with Moist Lens Cleaning Wipes and a Microfiber Lens Cloth.
SD Card Images are transferred to the iMac Computer upon returning home.
• Any Camera Accessories containing Liquid are put in a 3”x3” Heavy Duty Zip Bags.
• Disposable Photography Supplies, such as Aleve Packets, Bens Deet Wipes, HotHands, with Alcohol Cleaning Wipes and Moist Lens Cleaning Wipes with Microfiber Lens Cloths can be group packaged into kits in 3”x3” Heavy Duty Zip Bags. Check Expiration Dates.

Digital Photography TipsUsing a Camera Bag Checklist saves a lot of time and frustration when a Camera Accessory is missing, damaged or misplaced. No more “Where’s the Sony Wireless Remote Control?” because every Camera Accessory is in the same location, every time, and in each Camera Bag – Numbered, Checked, Counted, Cleaned, Recharged and Ready!

Meta’s Camera Bag Checklist

Camera Equipment
• 1 Sony a77 II Digital CameraCamera Battery and SD Card
• 1 Sony Digital Camera Battery – Rain Coat Pocket – Charged
• 1 Sony Tough SD Card – Rain Coat Pocket
• 1 Sony Wireless Remote Control – Top Flap
• 1 Sony 55mm Lens Cap – Tall Bag Side Pocket
• 1 5/32” Allen Key – For Cotton Carrier Hub

Tripod and Camera Bags
• 1 Slik Pro 700DX Tripod with Slik Ball Head – In Car
• 1 Camera Bag Strap with Pad – Clipped to Camera Bag
• 1 55mm Spare Lens Cap in Tall Camera Bag – Side Pocket

Slik Pro 700DX Tripod Accessories – Tripod Leg Pouch
• 1 Intervalometer – On Tripod Leg in Protective Case
• 1 Red LED Micro-Flashlight – Attached to Tripod Leg Screw
• 1 Sony Wireless Remote ControlProtective Case
• 1 Emergency Rain Poncho – Tripod Bag
• 1 Tripod Leg Protection Covers – Tripod Bag
• 1 Tripod Bag – Holds Slik Pro 700DX Tripod

Slik Pro DXS Tripod Accessories – Tripod Leg Pouch
• 1 Sony Wireless Remote Control – Tripod Pouch
• 1 Emergency Rain Poncho – Tripod Pouch
• 1 Mossy Oak Bandana – Tripod Pouch
• 1 Compact Tripod Bag Holds Slik Pro DXS Tripod
Disposable Photography Supplies – In Each Camera Bag
• 1 Microfiber Lens Cloth – Rain Coat Pocket
• 2 Moist Lens Cleaning Wipes – Rain Coat Pocket
• 4 Silica Gel Packs – One in Each Pouch and Pocket
• 2 Aleve Packets – Rain Coat Pocket (Note Expiration Dates)
• 1 Emergency Rain Poncho – Side Pocket
• 2 Photos By Meta Business Cards – Top Pocket
• 2 Bens Deet Wipes – Side Pocket (Summer)
• 1 HotHands Battery Warmers – Side Pocket (Winter)
• 2 Alcohol Cleaning Wipes – Side Pocket
• 1 Lens Filter Pouch – Inside Top Pocket When Needed

Macro Photography Field Kit – Attaches to Camera Bag
• 2 Fine Mist Water Bottles – Distilled Water
• 2 Fine Mist Water Bottles – 50% Water / Vegetable Glycerin
• 1 ProMaster 12” Silver/Gold Reflector
• 1 ProMaster 12” Translucent Disc
• 2 Mini Tripods – Light Stands to Widen Depth of Field
• 1 Small Pointed Scissors – To Trim Grass

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