Waterfall Photography Tips for Beginners

Meta Explains Waterfall Photography Tips For Beginner Photographers

How To Shoot Waterfall Photography for Beginner Photographers

How To Shoot Waterfall Photography – In this section of Digital Photography Tips, Meta Explains Waterfall Photography Tips For Beginners.

Long Exposure Photography – Waterfall Photography often involves shooting Long Exposure Photography on a Slik Pro 700DX Tripod to smooth out the waterfalls. Waterfall Photograpy is typically shot at 0.5 S, 1.0 S and 2.0 S exposure in Shutter Priority Mode. This requires using a 3 Stop ND Filter to cut the light, due to the longer exposure.

Where To Buy The Best Waterfall Photography Books

Meta’s Waterfall Photography Tips

Meta’s Waterfall Photography Setup

How To Shoot Waterfall Photography – Meta really enjoys shooting Waterfall Photography, which often means hiking to remote waterfalls along the Blue Ridge Parkway (Photo: Left).

Zoom Lenses – For Waterfall Photography, Meta uses her Vintage Minolta AF Zoom 24–50mm f/4.0 Wide Angle Zoom Lens, because 24–50mm, Constant Aperture, Zoom Range works very well for Waterfalls, plus the lens is very sharp, compact and lightweight.

This 1985 Vintage Minolta AF Lens was fairly expensive, MSPR $463 in 1985 dollars. Remember to shoot Waterfalls in a Vertical Position on a Slik Pro 700DX Tripod.

Meta’s Waterfall Photography Tips

• Safety First – Not all waterfalls are a “Walk in the Park”. Most waterfalls are in very wet, muddy and difficult areas to access and to shoot. Your camera equipment will get wet.
• Always Shoot in RAW for Manually Controlled Long Exposures.
• Turn Off Image Stabilization when Shooting on a Slik Pro 700DX Tripod.
• White Balance – Auto White Balance. When shooting in RAW it doesn’t matter.
• Long Exposures of Waterfalls will require a 3 Stop ND Filter or a Variable ND Filter.
• Always bring an Emergency Rain Poncho.
Tripod Leg Protection Covers protect your Tripod Legs from mud, sand and water, if you have to put them in the water.
Minolta AF Zoom Maxxum 24-50mm f/4.0
Minolta AF 24–50mm f/4.0 Zoom Lens

Meta’s Waterfall Photography Camera Settings

Camera: Sony a77 II Digital Camera
Lens: Minolta AF Zoom 24–50mm f/4.0 Wide Angle Zoom Lens
Shutter Speeds: 0.5 S, 1.0 S and 2.0 S, depending on how much motion blurr you want
Camera Mode: Shutter Priority Mode
Tripod: Slik Pro 700DX Tripod with a Sony Wireless Remote Control
Tripod Bag: 90cm Tripod Bag
Focus: Manual Focus
White Balance: Auto White Balance – When shooting in RAW it doesn’t matter
Image Stabilization – Turn Off when on a Slik Pro 700DX Tripod
Filters: 3 Stop ND Filter or Variable ND Filter
ISO: 100
Aperture: f/8.0 to f/11.

Refer to the Long Exposure ND Filters Table

Digital Photography TipsShooting waterfalls isn’t easy. Waterfall Photography often requires extensive long hikes on remote hiking trails, then finding the perfect location to setup and start shooting. Locations are often wet, slippery and muddy. Wear good Hiking Boots. For long hikes, Meta wears the Cotton Carrier Harness, which allows Hands Free Safe Hiking!
North Carolina Waterfalls

North Carolina Waterfalls

– Kevin Adams

Since its original publication in 1994, North Carolina Waterfalls has been the most comprehensive guide available to one of the prime natural features of the Tar Heel State. This new edition includes over 600 waterfalls, with detailed directions and trail and beauty ratings for the major waterfalls on public land. For the first time, waterfalls located on private land will be listed, although directions won’t be provided.

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