Meta's Best Smartphone Gimbals For Beginners Meta's Best Smartphone Gimbals For Beginners

Photographer Meta Gatschenberger Reviews Her Best Smartphone Gimbals For Beginners

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Meta’s Best Smartphone Gimbals For Beginners

Western North Carolina Nature Photographer Meta Gatschenberger Reviews Her Best Digital Smartphone Gimbals For Beginners: The DJI OSMO Mobile 3 and the DJI OM 4.

No more Jerky Smartphone YouTube Videos! Inexpensive Smartphone Gimbals are latest New Game Changer to achieve Super Smooth, Cinematic Quality Videos, from your current Smartphone!

If you’re shooting 4K YouTube Videos at 30 FPS on your Smartphone, you really need to consider using a Smartphone Gimbal! These Inexpensive Smartphone Gimbals can be purchased for around $100 to $150. The Video Quality Difference is Amazing!

Meta Shoots 4K YouTube Videos with an Apple iPhone 12 Mini mounted on a DJI OSMO Mobile 3 Ginbal.

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Meta’s Best Smartphone Gimbals – Watch a Video

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Meta’s Best Smartphone Gimbals For YouTube Video Production

When Shooting 4K YouTube Videos on her Apple iPhone 12 Mini, Meta uses her DJI OSMO Mobile 3 Gimbal (Photo: Left). This Compact Smartphone Gimbal is especially designed for Smartphones. The compact foldable design weighs less than a pound and is very portable and convenient. Payload: 200g. Apple iPhone 12 Mini: 135g.

If you have a Heavy Smartphone (iPhone 11 Plus or iPhone 12 Plus), or you have added a lot of accessories to your Smartphone, you might want to consider the newer DJI OM 4 Smartphone Gimbal, which has stronger motors to support a heavier Payload of 230g, plus a Magnetic Smartphone Mount.

For shooting 4K Video on Meta’s 135g Apple iPhone 12 Mini, she purchased the DJI OSMO Mobile 3 Gimbal, which is very similar in size, design and features. Both Smartphone Gimbals use the same Software Apps.

How to Use DJI OSMO Gimbals with FiLMiC Pro

Meta's Best Digital Photography Tips For BeginnersAd • Hard Shell Carrying Case – This Hard Shell Carrying case is especially for all DJI Smartphone Gimbals, providing exact foam cutout protection, plus room for the Grip Tripod and iPhone. Mesh interior pocket with a zipper enlarges the storage space for cables and accessories. Highly recommended over the stock DJI carrying case and pouch!

Meta’s Best Smartphone Gimbal Tips For Beginners

• Sound Is Very Important – Invest in a Good Digital Microphone.
• Carefully Balance Your Gimbal – Improves Your Overall Gimbal’s Performance.
• Learn The Basic Gimbal Filmmaking Movements.
• Hold your Gimbal with Both Hands – Use the Attached Tripod.
• Practice the “Ninja Walk” – Bend Your Knees, Walk Heal to Toe. Move Very Slowly.
• Watch Your Screen – Not always where you are going.
• Use Remote Control – Use a 2nd iPhone or iPad to Monitor Your Video Production.
• Experiment with 60 FPS and 120 FPS for Slow Motion and Super Slow Motion.
• Turn On Grids – Helps Align Camera with the Horizon.
• Use the 180° Rule – Shutter Speed = 2X Frame Rate.
• Lock Focus and Exposure. Auto Focus and Exposure Settings are Too Slow to React.
• Carry a USB-C Power Bank – This Can Power and Charge Gimbal and iPhone.
• Avoid Walking – Slowly Rock Gimbal with your Arms and Legs. Be Consistent with Movements.
• Try Shooting in Underslung Mode – Shoot Upside Down to get a “Dog’s View”.
• Use a Monopod – Attached to your Gimbal, a Monopod can crate a “Drone Effect”.
• Use Foreground to Add Interest. It be also used to Reveal your Subject.
• Use a Variable ND Filter – Lets you Lock in Your Frame Rate at a low 30 FPS or 60 FPS, but not Overexpose your Video.
• Use all of your iPhone Cameras – Standard, Telephoto, Wide and Ultra Wide. Wide Angle Lenses are more Dramatic.

How to Use DJI OSMO Gimbals with FiLMiC Pro

Meta's Best Digital Photography Tips For BeginnersMeta’s Best iPhone Videography Smartphone Setup uses a Moment iPhone Thin Case with Drop-in Lens Mount. She attaches a MoonDogLabs 52mm Filter Mount which holds a HOYA 52mm Variable ND Filter. The Variable ND Filter is necessary to keep the Shutter Speed fixed at low 30 FPS. To adjust the exposure, rotate the Variable ND Filter.

Meta Reviews FiLMiC Pro – Watch a Video

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Meta Reviews FiLMiC Pro v6 Video and Audio Production Software App

FiLMiC Pro is the most advanced 4K Video and Audio Recorder App ever made for your Apple iPhone. It’s filled with cutting edge features to help you make world class content, such as Full Manual Controls, Live Analytics and Smooth Mobile Workflow.

FiLMiC Pro unleashes the maximum dynamic range of your Apple iPhone with 10-bit SDR capture capability (Apple iPhone 12’s) and a new 10 Bit LogV3 Gamma profile that enables the ultimate color grading experience for Apple iPhone Filmmakers and Videographers. FiLMiC Pro is the ideal iPhone Video Camera App. For More Info Visit FiLMiC Pro.

FiLMiC Pro User Manual V6

How to Use DJI OSMO Gimbals with FiLMiC Pro

Meta Reviews FiLMiC Remote Control Software App

FiLMiC Remote offers powerful wireless control, intuitive focus and exposure tools, and clean video monitoring options to expand the functionality of FiLMiC Pro.

FiLMiC Remote turns your iPad or 2nd iPhone into a powerful companion application that opens up avenues of creativity that have traditional cost production crews thousands. For More Info visit FiLMiC Remote.

FiLMiC Remote offers 3 Distinct Modes: Control Mode, Monitor Mode and Director Mode.

Control Mode gives you a clone of the FiLMiC Pro interface on your Remote wireless device (iPad or 2nd iPhone) so you can Control Focus, Exposure, White Balance, Record Operations, and Live Analytics such as Focus Peaking and Zebra Stripes remotely.

Monitor Mode gives you access to a whole range of professional-grade analytic tools including waveform monitor, vectorscope and 4 selectable histograms: Luminance, Zone, RGB Channel, RGB Composite as well as a Video Preview so you never lose sight of your subject.

Director Mode offers a clean video out for the director, producers, crew, or client to watch the scene unfold without the distractions of the camera interface.

FiLMiC Remote V6 User Manual

How To Better Record Audio with FiLMiC Pro on your iPhone

FiLMiC Pro supports audio capture using any of the Apple iPhone’s 3 Internal Microphones (Front, Rear and Bottom), plus Apple AirPods (Photo: Left).

FiLMiC Pro Gear Audio –> Select Microphone (Enable Bluetooth Headphones). You can also specify the Input Audio Source, Recording Format and Sample Rate.

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