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How To Use Moment Pro Camera App

Moment Pro Camera App
Moment Pro Camera App
Meta Reviews How To Use Moment Pro Camera App for both Apple iPhone Photography and Apple iPhone Videography.

How To Use Moment Pro Camera App for Apple iPhone Photography

Moment Pro Camera App was inspired by SLR cameras, providing the manual controls you need for better exposure, focus, and framing. Select your tools, slide to adjust, and keep shooting.

FULL MANUAL – Exposure, ISO, shutter speed, focus, and white balance.
RAW FILES – Shoot photos in RAW format for amazing editing.
LIVE HISTOGRAM – Get your exposure right in camera every time.
MANUAL FOCUS – Unmatched control over your images with focus peaking.
RAW BURST – Capture motion, even in RAW.
SLOW SHUTTER – Shoot long exposures for light trails and motion blur.
TIMELAPSE – Manual controls for shooting 4K time-lapses.
INTEGRATION – Works with the DJI OM 4 Gimbal and Apple Watch.

How To Use Moment Pro Camera App for Apple iPhone Videography

Moment Pro Camera App has the filmmaker features we need, not the ones we don’t. We rely on manual controls, color profiles, crisp audio and settings you can change quickly. With Anamorphic support this is the cleanest way to shoot video on your Apple iPhone.

CAPTURE CINEMATIC VIDEO – Dial in your video settings, quick and easy.
COLOR PROFILES – Select from default, flat, or log color profiles.
WAVEFORM MONITOR – Evaluate brightness and exposure across your video.
RGB HISTOGRAM – Dial in your video color, balance, and exposure.
MULTIPLE BITRATES – Get precise control over your video quality.
ANAMORPHIC SUPPORT – Desqueeze your shots.
TIMELAPSE Manual controls for shooting 4K time-lapses.
INTEGRATION – Works with the DJI OM 4 Gimbal and Apple Watch.

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How to Moment Pro Camera App – Controls, Setup, Presets and Integration

Moment Pro Camera App
Moment Pro Camera App

Moment Pro Camera App Top Controls

Moment Lens –> Select which Moment Lens you’re shooting with.

Flash –> Toggles the Flash between On, Off and Auto.

File Type –> Toggles between JPG, TIFF and RAW. JPG is a good standard format. TIFF is best for printing. RAW is best if you plan to edit.

Color Profiles –> Switch between Default, Flat and Log.

Resolution –> Toggle between 720p, 1080p, 4K and Max (Timelapse Only).

Frame Rate –> Choose 24 FPS for Cinematic or 30 FPS for Standard HDTV.

Moment Pro Camera App Bottom Controls

Gallery –> Photos and Videos are saved to the native camera roll. To download these files to your Mac, use Image Capture.

Settings –> Controls advanced photo and video settings. Location tracking is off by default.

Shutter –> This is the main shutter to shoot photos, record videos, capture slow shutter shots and timelapses. You can also use the volume buttons to snap a photo or hold down the shutter button to take photos in burst mode.

Presets –> Save and quickly switch between your favorite Camera Settings and Modes.

Capture Mode –> Toggle between Photo, Video, Slow Shutter, and Timelapse Capture Modes.

Moment Pro Camera App Hardware Controls

On the right side of the viewfinder, you”ll find tools to control various hardware.

Front Camera –> Switches between the Front and Back Cameras.

Apple iPhone Lens –> If you have multiple cameras on the back of your Apple iPhone, use this to pick which lens to shoot with.

Meta’s Recommended Moment Pro Camera App General Settings

Location –> Disable (Turns Off GPS Tracking)

Grid –> Golden Ratio

Add Siri Shortcut

• Open Preset
• Start Shooting
• Trigger Shutter
These are very handy if the Apple iPhone is on the DJI OM 4 at the end of a Monopod.

OSMO Mobile –> Enable
OSMO Settings –> Focus (Enables the T | W Side Switch to Control Focus)

App Icon –> Select an Application Icon

Volume Button Shutter –> Enable

Disable All Announcements –> Enable

Exposure and Focus

Focus Peaking –> Enable

Histogram –> Disable

Highlight Clipping –>Disable

Shadow Clipping –>Disable

Bracketing –>Disable

Photo Settings

Standard Image Format

• Most Compatible (JPG)

Processed Photo Quality

• Quality (Uses HDR)

Video Settings

Standard Video Format –> Most Compatible (H.264)

Stabilization –> Enable (Even If Using Gimbal)

Frame Rates –> NTSC (North America)

Bitrate –> High (100 Mbps)

RGB Histogram –> Disable

Waveform –> Disable

Audio Settings

Audio Levels –> Enable

Sample Rate –> 48 kHz

Bit Depth –> 24 Bit

Recording –> Stereo

Built-In Mic –> Back

Bluetooth Mic –> Enable for AirPods

Anamorphic Lens

Apply De-Squeeze to Saved File –> Disable

Focus – Use OSMO T | W Switch for Focus

OSMO Mobile –> OSMO Settings –> Focus

Grids and Level

Options are Golden Ratio (Recommended), Rule of Thirds, and Square. To turn Grids on, go to Settings –> Grid and select the desired Grid option. The Level helps you make sure you’re lining up with the horizon.


Burst – Burst enables you to capture a lot of photos very quickly in your desired format! Just hold down the shutter button and fire away. On Apple iPhone 13 Pro, you can shoot up to 10 photos per second!

Bracketing – Bracketing allows you to take 3 photos rapidly at 3 different exposures. Bracketing requires Post Production Software such as Aurora HDR.

Photo Quality – Set the Quality in the main settings menu, Settings –> Processed Photo Quality. Quality is the highest quality photo and uses all of the latest technology including HDR and Deep Fusion (Apple iPhone 13) to deliver amazing photos.

Resolution and Frame Rates

4K – This is the highest quality the phone offers.

24fps – This is for the “Cinematic Look” used in Movies.

30fps – This your for Standard HDTV video frame rate.

48fps – Use this to create smooth slo-mo’s for 24fps film.

60fps – Use this for action shots and to make the video smoother.

120fps Use this for faster action scenes and if you want to edit in slow-mo later

240fps Use this for Super fast action and even slower slo-mo

Most Filmmakers use the 180 rule, which means your shutter speed should be double the speed of your frame rate. If you’re shooting at 30 FPS, set your shutter speed to 1/60th, and if you’re shooting at 60 FPS, set the shutter speed to 1/120th.

Color Profiles – This is an advanced feature and best applied if you are going to edit your videos.

Default – This is the most natural looking real-time color profile.

LOG – This is an even lower contrasted version of a flat color profile.

Flat – This is a low contrast, high dynamic range that provides a solid base for color grading in post.

Moment Lens – If you are using a Moment Lens, select the Lens you have attached. This adds the Lens Type to the Meta Data.

Variable ND Filters (Recommended)

When shooting with a Wide Open Aperture (ƒ/1.5 – ƒ/2.8) your video will often be over exposed. Try using a Variable ND Filter to reduce your exposure. This will dramatically improve your chances at catching your shot correctly. Variable ND filters make it possible to maintain your desired exposure settings, while still reducing the amount of motion blur being produced by a slow shutter speed (1/48th or 1/60th). Variable ND Filters can be helpful for shooting timelapses or very slow motion that requires additional tools to perfect that shot. The Variable ND Filter now contols your Exposure.

Moment Pro Camera App Presets

Use Moment Pro Camera App Presets to create your own based using your favorite camera settings and lenses. Access the Moment app quickly using Siri Shortcuts using your Voice, Widgets or the Shortcuts App. Start up the Moment Pro Camera App in any Preset of your choose and access the shortcut using Siri, the Shortcuts App or by adding them to your Widgets panel.

To Create a Preset, set up everything in the viewfinder exactly as you want it. Open the Preset Menu by tapping the Preset Button to the right of the shutter. Then hit “Create a New Preset”. Name the Preset and hit Save To use a Preset, open the Preset Menu and tap the Preset you want to use. The Camera is part of the Preset, so if you Switch Cameras, you will need one preset per camera.

On the Apple iPhone 13 Pro, if you setup a Video Preset and Photo Preset for each Camera, set to the Lowest ISO and 1/60th Shutter Speed. This fixes bug when switching Cameras, the ISO and Shutter Speed should remain constant if locked.

How To Save Moment Pro Camera App Photos and Videos to your Mac

1. Connect your Apple iPhone via USB to Lightning Cable to your Mac and Launch Image Capture.

2. Select the Photos and Video Clips you want to Save to your Computer. Click Save To... and select a directory on your Mac.

3. After File Transfer, you can Delete any Photos or Video Clips from your Apple iPhone by Selecting and pressing the Delete Key.

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How To Use The Timelapse Mode in Moment Pro Camera App

Moment Pro Camera App
Moment Pro Camera App
Capture Mode –> Set to the TimeLapse Icon for TimeLapse.

Moment Pro Camera App can be placed in Timelapse Mode in Capture Mode in the Bottom Controls. This is an alternate form of Framerate System by which Moment Pro Camera App will take video images based on Seconds per Frame rather than Frames per Second. Set your Tripod, Dial in your Settings and let Moment Pro Camera App do the magic!

Timelapse can be used to create beautiful, smooth clips that capture over a long period of time and play back at an accelerated pace. Shoot a sunset scene or capture the hustle and bustle of an entire day’s downtown traffic in one small finished video.

Set Frame and Interval –> Manually adjust the Capture Interval and Number of Frames in the Control Bar, and the Capture Duration will adjust Accordingly.

Capture Settings –> Capture in a variety of Formats and Resolutions including RAW and HEIF. Shoot in MAX, 4K, 1080p or 720p Resolutions.

Slow Shutter –> This is just like Slow Shutter Mode, but on each frame in your Timelapse Video.

Bracketing –> Capture bracketed exposure shots at each interval to make HDR Timelapses. Also available in Photo Mode.

Video Export –> Select your Bitrate and Export in 720p, 1080p 4K or MAX.

Frame Export –> Export Timelapses at Individual Frames including full 12.2 MP RAW Photos (4032 x 3024 Pixels).

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How To Use The Timelapse Mode in Moment Pro Camera App

Moment Pro Camera App
Moment Pro Camera App
Capture Mode –> Set to the Timelapse Icon for Timelapse Videos.

Moment Pro Camera App Timelapse Video Mode features include:

• Interval: 2.0s (Takes One Shot Every 2 Seconds)
• Capture: 01:00:00 (1 Hour Total Shooting Time)
• Output: 00:01:00 (Produces 1 Minute of Final Video)
• Frames: 1800
• DJI OM 4 Gimbal Path – Add Start Location A, B, C and End Location D.
• ISO – Base ISO.
• Shutter Speed – 1/24th of a Second Adds Slight Motion Blur to the Frames.
• White Balance: Manual: 5600°K (Best for Daytime). White Balance can change as the sun rises, so don’t use AWB.
• Filter: 52mm Variable ND Filter set to ND6 (Prevents Over Exposure at Sunrise at a Very Low Shutter Speed)
• Camera: 3.0x Telephoto (Apple iPhone 13 Pro)
• Optional Lens: Moment 58mm Tele Lens on 26mm ƒ/15 Wide Camera for Low Light
• Filter Mount Setup: Moment Filter Mount plus 62mm – 52mm Step Down Ring with 52mm Variable ND Filter

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How To Use The Slow Shutter Mode in Moment Pro Camera App

Moment Pro Camera App
Moment Pro Camera App
Capture Mode –> Set to the Slow Shutter Icon for Slow Shutter Mode.

Moment Pro Camera App can be placed in Slow Shutter Mode in Capture Mode in the Bottom Controls. This is used to achieve an unique look with this new Capture Mode!

Motion Blurs –> Switch to Motion Blur to capture dreamy movements and effects.

Trail Lights –> Set a Capture Duration, hit the shutter button and start light painting.

Export –> Sava as Live Photo, Still Image or Full Video.

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How To Use Moment Pro Camera App With DJI OM 4 Gimbal

DJI OM 4 Gimbal
DJI OM 4 Gimbal
Capture Mode –> Video Mode.

Bluetooth your Apple iPhone to the DJI OM 4 Gimbal.

OSMO Mobile –> OSMO Settings –> T | W Slider Set To Focus.

Red Button – Record | Stop Video or Shoot a Still Photo (Single Shot Mode, Burst Mode (10 fps) or Bracketed (3 Shots).

Joy Stick –> Pans –> Left | Right | Up | Down.

Tap M Button – Cycles through the 3 Apple iPhone 13 Pro Cameras.

Telephoto Camera (Top): 77mm ƒ/2.8 aperture (3.0x) IS.
Wide Angle Camera (Bottom): 26mm ƒ/1.5 aperture (1x) IS.
Ultra Wide Angle Camera (Right): 13mm ƒ/2.4 aperture, 120° Field of View (0.5x) IS.

Press and Hold Rear Trigger – Tilt Lock On.

Press Rear Trigger 1x, Then Press and Hold – Enters Sport Mode.

Press Rear Trigger 2x – Resets to Center Position.

Press T | W Slider (Set for Focus with Focus Peaking On.

Reference: DJI OM 4 User Manual

Reference: Moment Pro Camera App

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How To Use Moment Pro Camera App With Apple Watch

Apple Watch
Apple Watch
If you have an Apple Watch, you can use the Moment Pro Camera App Watch App to Remote View and Access the Still Camera, Video Camera, Slow Shutter and Timelapse from your Apple Watch.

The Moment Pro Camera Apple Watch App is designed to automatically connect to the paired Apple iPhone’s version of Moment Pro Camera App. The Moment Pro Camera App app on the Apple iPhone must be launched manually. Allow 2 to 3 seconds for the pairing process to complete. At this point the Apple Watch App and the Moment Pro Camera App on your Apple iPhone are ready to communicate with one another.

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