How To Use Filmora Video Editing For Beginners

Meta Explains How To Use Filmora Video Editing For iPhone For Beginners

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How To Use Filmora Video Editing For iPhone For Beginners

Meta Reviews How To Use Filmora For Beginners.

For YouTube Video Production, Meta needed Video Production Software. It had to be Robust, Easy to Use, but not overly Complex – This is YouTube remember, not Hollywood.

After much software testing and evaluation, Meta selected Filmora for her Video Editing Software Application. Filmora is the Best Video Editor Alternative to Windows Movie Maker and Apple iMovie.

When Shooting iPhone Videography, Meta uses FiLMiC Pro and Moment Pro Camera on an Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max protected by a Moment Case. This Special iPhone Case supports a Drop-in M-Series Lens Interface over all 3 iPhone Cameras, which can connect to Moment Lenses or a MoonDogLabs 52mm Filter Adapter. Meta uses a Variable ND Filter, a Circular Polarizing Filter and a Neutral Night Filter. She edits her 4K YouTube Videos using Filmora. FiLMiC Pro and Moment Pro Camera both integrate with the DJI OM 4 Gimbal, Apple Watch and Shure MV88+ Microphone.

Meta Recommends First Watching These Filmora Training Videos

Filmora Quick Start

Filmora Training 1: Learning The Interface

Filmora Training 2: Creating a Project

Filmora Training 3: Importing Media

Filmora Training 4: Editing Basics

Filmora Training 5: Exporting Media

Filmora Training 6: Performance and Preferences

Filmora Training 7: Using The Timeline

Filmora Training 8: Editing Audio

Filmora Training 9: Color Correction and LUTs

Filmora Training 10: Text and Titles

Filmora Training 11: Transitions

Filmora Training 12: Effects

Filmora Training 13: Audio Ripple

Filmora Training 14: Rendering Previews

Filmora Training 15: Split Screen

Filmora Training 16: Adding Motion

Filmora Training 17: Camera Shake

Filmora Training 18: Fixing Your Clip

Filmora Training 19: Speed

Filmora Training 20: LUTS On A Track

Filmora Training 21: Split Button

Filmora Training 22: Beat Detection

Filmora Training 23: Grouping Clips

Filmora Training 24: Copy and Paste Effects

Filmora Training 25: Advanced Titles

Filmora Training 26: PiP and Masking

Filmora Training 27: Crop / Pan and Zoom

Filmora Training 28: Blending Modes

Filmora Training 29: Chroma Key

Filmora Training 30: Face Replacement

Filmora Training 31: Snapshot

Filmora Training 32: Fading Graphics and Layers

Filmora Training 33: Adding A Watermark

Filmora Training 34: Convert Portait Videos to Landscape

Filmora Training 35: Editing Action Cam Videos

Filmora Training 36: Matching Audio Levels

Filmora Training 37: Recording Your Screen

Filmora Training 38: Editing Images

Filmora Training 39: Motion Tracking

Filmora Training 40: Keyframe Animation

Filmora Training 41: Audio Ducking

Filmora Training 42: Color Matching

Filmora Training 43: Keyboard Shortcuts

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Meta’s Best Filmora Video Editing Short Cuts

Here are some of Meta’s Best Filmora Shortcuts to make Video Editing Faster, Easier and More Efficient.
• Mark In: I
• Mark Out: O
• Add Marker : M
• Space Bar: Start | Stop Video

Meta’s Best Video Editing Tips

• Turn Off Auto Save – If you mess something up, you might want to close the project, without saving, before auto save kicks in.
• Importing Video Clips – Set your In and Out Points { } for each video clip, before dropping it on the time line.
• Color Correction – Color Correct all of your clips at once when they are placed on the Time Line, rather than at the end of the video.

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