How To Setup a YouTube Studio For Beginners

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How To Setup a YouTube Studio For Beginners

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How To Setup a YouTube Studio For Beginners

We often get asked “How Do I Setup My YouTube Studio?”

We recommend you set aside one room, or part of a room as your dedicated YouTube Studio. The less items you have to move around, the easier it will be to get up and running.

We transformmed our 10” x 12” Photography Office into a YouTube Studio, by adding some well placed YouTube Studio Cube Lights on Tripods, along with a few other tweaks.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on professional studio lighting – Not just yet. We mounted a few Ulanzi VL-81 LED Cube Lights on Camera Tripods, that we already had been using for Macro Photography. These 4” cube lights can be joined together for additional light or to form a LED panel light.

How To Build a YouTube Studio – Use What You Already Have First

• Budget 4K YouTube Camera – We shoots 4K YouTube Videos with an old Apple iPhone 8 265 GB, (No SIM Card). Since this Apple iPhone 8 has no E-Mail, no Messaging, or SIM Card, it doesn’t get interrupted. The older Apple iPhone 8 Camera needed bumped up slightly to ISO 100 instead of ISO 34. The Apple iPhone 8 can run iOS 16 and can also be used as a secondary Digital Recording Device. We control the Apple iPhone 8 Shutter with an iOS Remote Control.

• Do Not Disturb Mode – If you are using your own Apple iPhone, be sure to put it in Airplane Mode and turn Notifications Off before you begin video shooting.

• Make a Simple Check List – Charge up all Battery Equipment and Lights! Clean Your Lens before shooting! Check your Audio Levels!

Camera Position, Settings, Filters and Lenses

• Optional Camera Filters – We add a 52mm Moment 10% Cinebloom Filter over the Apple iPhone 8’s Camera. This helps soften skin tones and bloom the Back Lights. Since the YouTube Studio Lighting is low and controllable, a Variable ND Filter is not required to shoot video at 1/48th of a second.

• YouTube Studio Video Monitor – We use an old Apple TV connected to a really old HDTV mounted on the studio side wall as a YouTube Studio Monitor. This allows for easy video monitoring of the Apple iPhone 8’s Camera Feed while the Apple iPhone 8 is set in Mirror Mode.

• YouTube Studio Windows and Doors – If your YouTube Studio has windows or doors, close and cover them up, either with heavy blinds, backed curtains or black felt. While outside natural outdoor lighting is very nice, it can be uncertain and uncontrollable. It’s best to be in total control of your YouTube Studio Lighting, so block off your windows and doors. Now turn off your overhead light and it should be near or totally dark. Now you’re ready to start setting up your YouTube Studio Lights!

YouTube Studio Light Setup – Three Lights Are Better Than One

Better YouTube Studio lighting helps you look more professional. If you want your YouTube audience to keep watching, you need to appear like you know what you’re doing. YouTube Viewers want to see colors and techniques more clearly. You also want to create a mood that is in line with your YouTube Channel’s message. Different lighting styles, colors and intensity can set your stage.

• YouTube Studio Lights – Her’s an area you can spend a fortune on, but really don’t need to in the beginning. Start with what you already have on hand, especially if you are on a Tight YouTube Studio Budget. We use a few Ulanzi VL-81 LED Cube Lights that are used for Macro Photography. These small, 4”x4” LED Cube Lights can be mounted on any tripod, and have cold shoes on them, so they can be added together like building blocks for more light. We set all of the YouTube Studio Lights to 5600°K, which is pure white.

• Key Light – The Key Light is your brightest and main facial light, often placed 45° to the left of the subject. It should be diffused for even lighting. For a budget Key Light, we use 2 stacked Ulanzi VL-81 LED Cube Lights with a simple Diffuser over it. Some people use Soft Boxes or LED Panel Lights for their Key Light, if you have the budget and space. For a Light Stand, we use one of our Compact Light Tripods.

• Fill Light – The Fill Light is often placed opposite of the Key Light at 45° to the right of the subject. It’s normally not as bright as the Key Light and is used to eliminate any facial shadows caused by the Key Light. For a budget Fill Light, we use 1 Ulanzi VL-81 LED Cube Light with a Diffuser over it. For a Light Stand, we use one of our Compact Light Tripods.

• Rim Light – The Rim Light is often placed opposite 180° to the Key Light, up high and behind the subject. The Rim Light is used to light up the back side of the subject’s head, and can add a nice glow. It can be the type of light as the Fill Light, just placed higher and behind the subject, but out of view. We use 1 Ulanzi VL-81 LED Cube Light on a Mini Tripod, positioned on top of a book shelf, pointing downwards.

• Colored Back Lights – These are optional, but can add some Interesting Mood Colors to the rear wall. We use these 10W Colored LED Back Lights as Colored Back Lights, which come with a remote control. These light up our YouTube Studio’s back wall to any color – usually purple. These can be placed into regular 120V lamp sockets, on the floor and to the sides of the back wall.

• Practical Lights – Placing a small Lamp that can be seen in your shot can give the illusion all this light is producing a larger lighting effect. It’s an interesting effect that is often used in Hollywood.

• Lighting Power – Our YouTube Studio Cube Lights are Battery Powered, which will need USB-C Charging Cables and USB-C Power Adapters.

YouTube Studio Sound Setup

A Clear and Understandable Voice is critical to your YouTube Videos. If your YouTube audience can’t hear or understand what you are saying, they will quickly click off. Avoid using computer generated voices, which sound unnatural. Remember to SMILE!

• YouTube Studio Microphone – Here’s another area you can spend a fortune on, but really don’t need to. We use a hard wired Finch Pixel Lapel Microphone, which has a cord which plugs directly into the Apple iPhone 8’s Lighting Port. This provides a clean digital connection, which is supported by Moment Pro Camera. We bought the longer 10’ model for the extra reach. For outdoor windy shooting, We add an inexpensive 10mm Dead Cat Wind Screen.

• YouTube Studio Echoes – If your YouTube Studio has Hardwood or Tilted Floors, considering adding a large throw rug to help deaden the echoes. Bare walls are another echo problem area that should be covered up. You can easily go overboard with sound deadening materials to create the perfect sound studio. Window coverings and drapes can also help with echoes.

• Teleprompter – Here's another area you can really go overboard with. We use the Office iMac and/or MacBook with Keynote to script our YouTube Video Presentations on. You can also run Keynote on an iPad or iPhone. We positioned the large white text at the top half of the iMac screen, just below where the camera sits. Now we can look directly at the camera and still see the large text on top half of the iMac’s screen. We use an Apple Watch to advance the Keynote slides. Some people like to read bullet points, others like to read word for word from a script. How you write your script is up to you.

YouTube Studio Video Editing – Start Slowly

This area of Video Production can often be overwhelming and sometimes discouraging for many beginners. We suggest starting slowly, with an app such as Apple iMovie. Once you Master the Basic Video Editing Skills, you might want to upgrade to something with a few more features.

• Simple Video Editing Techniques – A lot of Beginners shoot one long take, then cut out the bloopers. This can sometimes lead to a few choppy transitions, but often it goes unnoticed if you sit still.

• Free Video Editing Software – There are a few Free Video Editing Apps that can be used. Apple’s iMovie is Free and Easy to use. DaVinci Resolve, although a bit more complex for beginners, is also Free to use. We use and recommend Wondershare Filmora for our YouTube Video Editing.

• Free Royality Free Music – Did you know you can download over 30,000 Royality Free Music Clips from YouTube? These include Sound Effects! Go to My YouTube Channel or Click Audio Library on the Left Side.

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