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Meta Reviews The Best Digital Camera Accessories For Beginners

Photos By Meta Reviews – The Best Digital Camera Accessories including:
Camera Cleaning Supplies
Faster SD Cards
Camera Bags and Pouches
Camera Harnesses and Vests
Tripods and Monopods
Electronic Accessories
Protection from the Elements


The Best Digital Camera Cleaning Kits

Sensor Cleaning Kits – (Video: Above) Those small dark spots in your Digital Photos mean your Sensor or Lens is probably dirty. If Air Blasting and Vibrating the Sensor doesn’t clean the dust, you’ll need a Sensor Cleaning Kit!

Lens Cleaning Kits – The Zeiss Lens Cleaning Kit contains one Zeiss Microfiber Lens Cloth, Retractable Lens Cleaning Brush, 1oz. Optical Cleaning Fluid, Zeiss Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes and an Air Blaster in a Restockable Fabric Pouch.

Lens Cleaning Supplies – Use the Air Blaster, then a Zeiss Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipe, followed by a MagicFiber Cleaning Cloth. Start in the center of the lens and work outwards. The Gray MagicFiber Cloth is for Manual White Balancing.

The Best Digital Media Storage – Faster SD Cards

Faster Sony Tough SD Cards – Digital Cameras don’t come with SD Cards! Avoid buying Slower “No Name Brand SD Cards” which will cause Buffer Lockups and Slow Shooting Performance. Meta recommends Sony Tough SD Cards – Rated at 300 MB/s!

Transfer Your Files – You can easily transfer some or all of your SD Card Photos to your iPhone with an Apple Lightning to SD Card Reader or to your or MacBook with an Apple USB-C to SD Card Reader. Works even if the files were shot only in RAW!

SD Card Carrying Cases – A must for every Digital Photographer. Store and protect your SD Cards from damage and data loss. Keep your SD Cards in one safe location. Soft Rubber cutouts hold up to 12 SD Cards.

The Best Camera Bags and Camera Accessory Pouches

Camera Bags – Invest in Top Quality, Custom Fit, Camera Bags with Reliable Fused Zippers, Built-In Rain Cover, Padded Shoulder Strap, Side Storage Pockets and Modular Attachment Straps, such as the Think Tank Photo Digital Holster Camera Bags.

Lens Cases – If you own Multiple Camera Lenses, store them in Lowepro Lens Cases. These soft padded Lens Cases come in many different shapes and sizes and can be attached to Camera Belts or Think Tank Photo Digital Holster Camera Bags.

Filter Pouches – If you own Multiple Camera Lenses, you’ll eventually end up with a lot of Camera Filters. Filter Pouches store and help keep dust off of your Camera Filters. One fits inside the top flap of the Think Tank Photo Digital Holster Camera Bag.

Flash Pouches – If you own Multiple Camera Flashes, carry them in Think Tank Photo Flash Pouches. These hold a large Flash with Diffuser. Side pocket hold 8 AA Batteries. Attaches to Camera Belts or Think Tank Photo Digital Holster Camera Bags.

Camera Accessory Pouches – If you own Adapters, Battery Chargers, Camera Batteries, Remote Controls, etc., carry them in Think Tank Photo Camera Accessory Pouches. Attaches to Camera Belts or Think Tank Photo Digital Holster Camera Bags.

Water Bottle Pouches – As a Registered Nurse, Meta is always telling people to ”Drink Your Water”. Water Bottle Pouches are perfect for day hiking and hold one 32oz. bottle. Attaches to Camera Belts or Think Tank Photo Digital Holster Camera Bags.

The Best Camera Harnesses, Camera Straps and Photography Vests

Camera Harnesses – If you’re into Nature Photography, think How to Hike Safely with your Digital Camera. Meta wants to keep everything on her, but she needs keep her Hands Totally Free. The Cotton Carrier Harness makes Hands Free Hiking Safer!

Side Holsters – If you like the Cotton Carrier System, but don’t need the Camera Harness, you can purchase just the Cotton Carrier Side Holster. This handy accessory slides over Camera Belts or Leather Belts for carrying your Digital Camera at your hip.

Sony Hand Straps – A Genuine Leather Hand Strap gives you a safe and secure single handed hold on your Digital Camera. This is Meta’s Favorite Digital Camera Accessory. She has these Leather Hand Straps on all her Digital Cameras.

Photographer’s Vests – For Short Hikes and Walks in the Woods, Meta wears her Misty Lilac Colored 15 Pocket Women’s Photographer’s Vest. There’s a pocket for every Digital Camera Accessory she needs! Mesh lining wicks moisture to stay cool!

Shoulder Pad Cushions – If you carry a Heavy Camera Bag for a long periods of time, slip one of these Shoulder Pad Cushions over your Shoulder Strap, for less pain and fatique. Meta uses these on all her Camera Bag Sholder Straps.

Camera Belts – Meta uses her Think Tank Photo Speed Belt to transport her 3 Sony Flashes. Think Tank Photo Modular, it can carry Think Tank Photo Digital Holster Camera Bags, Lens Cases, Camera Accessory Pouches and Water Bottle Pouches.

The Best Tripods and Monopods

Lightweight Tripods with Short Center Columns – For Shorter Lenses, this Lightweight Carbon Fiber Tripod is fitted with a Short Center Colum, so it sits only 8” high, with the legs spread out for low level Macro Photography. Weights under 3 lbs for Hiking.

Sturdy Tripods – For Heavier Lenses, such as the Sony 70–200 f/2.8 White Lens, a Sturdy Tripod allows you to shoot at shutter speeds well below 1/60th of a second. A Sturdy Tripod is a must have item for Time Lapse Photography.

Sturdy Monopods – A Sturdy Monopod allows you to shoot at slower shutter speeds than Hand Held, but still allow some flexability and control. Monopods are used for Macro Photography or in tight situations where a Sturdy Tripod won’t fit.

The Best Electronic Digital Camera Accessories and Camera Batteries

Sony Camera Batteries – Meta uses Genuine Sony Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries. These last longer than “Off Brand” Digital Camera Batteries. Rated at 11.8Wh / 1650mAh, Sony NP-FM500H “M” Camera Battery work in most Sony A-Mount Digital Cameras.

12V Camera Battery Chargers – During Hiking Season, Meta keeps a Spare Camera Battery on a 12V Camera Battery Charger in her RAV4! There’s nothing more frustrating than getting out on a Remote Hiking Trail with a dead Camera Battery!

Wireless Remote Controls – Use a Wireless Remote Control to avoid bumping your Sony Digital Camera when you take a shot! This $8 Camera Accessory fits into your Camera Bag or Camera Harness. Meta keeps one in each of her Camera Bags.

Sony A77 Dual Battery Grip – For Time Lapse Photography, a second battery is a must! The Sony A77 Dual Battery Grip holds 2 Sony Camera Batteries and works with the Sony a77 Digital Camera and Sony a77 II Digital Camera!

Red LED Micro-Flashlights – Meta attaches one Red LED Micro-Flashlight to each of her Digital Cameras for use at Sunrises and Sunsets. This $12 Red LED Micro-Flash does not affect her night vision, and is useful for finding the Camera Buttons in the Dark!

Intervolometers – A Timed Remote Shutter Release, is a must have item for Time Lapse Photography. It can be used as a Wired Shutter Release. Easily extended by adding 5 Meter Extension Cables. Attach to Tripod Leg in a Protective Case.

The Best Protection From The Elements

Pest ProtectionNature Photography involves getting bitten by mosquitoes, ticks, flies, fleas, chiggers and no-see-ums – Especially in the Blue Ridge Mountains! Meta carries Ben’s Deet Wipes in her Camera Bags. This 50 cent accessory keeps the bugs off!

Rain Ponchos – Getting stranded on a Remote Hiking Trail in a sudden afternoon thunderstorm is no fun, especially for your Digital Camera. This $1 accessory can save your Digital Camera! Meta carries a Rain Poncho in her Camera Bag!

Rain Protection – The LensCoat Rain Coats fit over your Digital Camera and Lens to protect it from sea water, rain and snow. Available in different sizes and styles, including Mossy Oak. Meta used one Whale Watching off the coast of Southern California.

Moisture Protection – Place Silica Gel Packs into all your Camera Bags, Lens Cases, Flash Pouches, Camera Harnesses and Camera Pouches, to absorb moisture. This 20 cent accessory can protect your Digital Camera Gear from harmful moisture!

LCD Screen Protectors – The Rear LCD Display Screen on Digital Cameras can get easily scratched. LCD Screen Protectors are available for most Digital Cameras. This is the first Camera Accessory Meta applies whenever she gets a new Digital Camera!

Aleve Packets – Who said Nature Photography was Painless? One Aleve Pain Reliever lasts up 12 hours for temporary relief of minor aches and pains while Remote Hiking. Meta keeps Aleve Packets in her Think Tank Photo Digital Holster Camera Bags!

What’s in Meta’s Camera Bag?

Think Tank Photo Camera Bags – Meta uses Modular Think Tank Photo Camera Bags for her Sony a77 II Cameras, custom fit for small to medium size lenses. This Modular Camera Bag System comes complete with a Built-In Rain Coat!

Japanese 5S System – Meta Standardizes all of the Camera Accessories in her Camera Bag, using the Japanese 5S System, so she knows exactly what and where everything is located. This might seem a bit OCD at first, but this system really works.

Every Camera Bag is checked before it’s removed and checked again when it’s returned. Disposable items such as Lens Cleaning Wipes are replenished, and items that are in short supply are Put On Order – Before they run out! Digital Cameras and Lenses are cleaned and checked. Spare Camera Batteries are swapped out and recharged. The 5S System saves a lot of time and frustration when out on Remote Hiking Trails or a Remote Shooting Location, when a Camera Accessory is lost, missing, damaged, expired or misplaced.

No more “Where’s the Wireless Remote Control?” or “The Camera Battery’s Dead!”, because each and every Camera Accessory is in the same location, every time, and in each Camera Bag – Always Checked, Cleaned, Charged and Ready to Go Shooting!

Meta’s Think Tank Photo Camera Bag Accessories Check List

• 1 SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Card – Rain Coat Section
• 1 Camera Battery – Rain Coat Section – Fully Charged
• 2 Zeiss Lens Cleaning Wipes –Rain Coat Section
• 2 MagicFiber Cleaning Cloths –Rain Coat Section
• 2 Aleve Packets – Top Flap
• 1 Spare Front Lens Cap (ø49mm or ø55mm) – Side Section
• 1 Battery Hand Warmer (Winter Months) – Rain Coat Section
• 1 Plastic Rain Poncho – Side Section
• 1 Silica Gel Pack – One in every Flap and Pocket
• 1 Red LED Micro-Flashlight – Clip On Vest for Night Vision
• 1 Wireless Remote Control – Top Flap
• 1 2032 Lithium Battery – Micro-Flashlight / Remote – Top Flap
• 1 CPL Lens Filter – (ø49mm or ø55mm) – Inside Top Flap
• 3 Photos By Meta Business Cards – Top Flap


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