Meta’s Camera Bag Checklist

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Meta’s Think Tank Photo Camera Bags are checked before they leave and rechecked when they return, using this simple, but very effective Camera Bag Checklist.

Pay Special Attention to any Disposable Supplies, which are often used up in the field, but not always accounted for, like camera cleaning supplies and lens wipes.

Digital Camera Equipment

• 1 Sony a77 II Digital Camera or Sony a99 II Digital Camera
• 1 Sony Digital Camera Battery – Rain Coat Area – Charged
• 1 Spare SD Card – Rain Coat Area
• 1 Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader – Rain Coat Area
• 1 Sony Wireless Remote Control – Top Flap

Tripods and Camera Bags

• 1 Slik Pro 700DX Tripod with Slik Ball Head – In Car Trunk
• 1 Large Padded Tripod Bag
• 1 Slik Pro DXS Tripod with Slik Ball Head – In Car Trunk
• 1 Small Padded Tripod Bag
• 1 Shoulder Pad Cushions – On Each Camera Bag Strap

Large Slik Pro 700DX Tripod Accessories – Tripod Bag Pouch

• 1 Sony Wireless Remote Control – Top Flap
• 1 Intervalometer – On Tripod Leg in Protective Case
• 1 Red LED Micro-Flashlight – Attached to Tripod Leg Screw
• 1 Tripod Leg Protection Covers – Tripod Bag
• 1 Emergency Rain Poncho – Tripod Bag

Small Slik Pro DXS Tripod Accessories – Tripod Bag Pouch

• 1 Sony Wireless Remote Control – Tripod Pouch
• 1 Emergency Rain Poncho – Tripod Pouch

Disposable Photography Supplies – In Each Camera Bag

• 1 Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth – Rain Coat Pocket
• 2 Zeiss Lens Wipes – Rain Coat Pocket
• 5 Silica Gel Packs – One in Each Pouch and Pocket
• 1 Emergency Rain Poncho – Side Pocket
• 3 Disposable Shower Caps – Rain Coat Pocket
• 2 Ben’s Deet Wipes – Side Pocket (Summer)
• 1 HotHands Battery Warmers – Side Pocket (Winter)
• 2 Aleve Packets – Rain Coat Pocket (Note Expiration Dates)
• 1 Lens Filter Pouch – Inside Top Pocket If Required
• 2 BD Alcohol Swabs – Camera Cleanup – Rain Coat Pocket
• 2 Photos By Meta Business Cards – Top Pocket

Every Photographer has different needs for each type of photography speciality and photography adventure, so each camera bag might have slightly different items. Meta has listed her items that deserve a special place in her Camera Bag.

Take a look through your Camera Bags. If you see something in there that you never use, then remove it to save space and excess weight!

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