Our Best Apple iPhone Pro Camera Books

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Our Best Apple iPhone Pro Camera Books

Ad • Find The Best Apple iPhone Pro Camera Books

Our Best Apple iPhone Pro Camera Books Reviewed By Photos By Meta

We Review Our Best Apple iPhone Pro Camera Books, including Mobile Filmmaking Books and Smartphone Filmmaking Books.

In This Apple iPhone Book Reviews, you’ll Learn How To Use Apple iPhone Pro Cameras For Photography and Videography.

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Apple iPhone 14 Pro Camera TipsAd • Zhiyun Smooth 5 Gimbal – Want Smoother Looking Videos? Take your Apple iPhone Videography to the Next Level with the Zhiyun Smooth 5 Gimbal. This Gimbal can handle the weight of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro, Moment Case, Moment Anamorphic Lens with Moment Filter Adapter and a Moment 2 to 5 Stop Variable ND Filter.

Apple iPhone Filmmaking Books

Ad • Find The Best Apple iPhone Filmmaking Books

The Smartphone Filmmaking Handbook

Ad • The Smartphone Filmmaking Handbook

– Neil Philip Sheppard

Includes 30 chapters with expert knowledge on: The best equipment for your budget. Which camera and editing apps to choose. Lighting, sound and camera techniques. Technical advice on Smartphone movie making. Guides to all the best video camera and editing apps. Explains the best Smartphone movie making equipment. Digital video concepts. The key differences between iPhone, Android and Windows Smartphones for movie making. Detailed knowledge on composition, lighting, sound recording, video editing, going live and posting video to the web. How To transfer Smartphone video to a computer. Filming for broadcast television and cinema. The best social media platforms for video. Budget Smartphone filmmaking kits.
Life Camera Action

Ad • Life Camera Action

– David Basulto

Producing high quality digital video used to be a difficult enterprise, restricted by costly equipment and hard to come by technology. Today, aspiring filmmakers, journalists, vloggers, live-streamers, coaches, educators, and editors have the tools for creating incredible mobile videos right at their fingertips. How To turn your iPhones and iPads into powerful video making machines. How To select lights, microphones, cases, lenses, tripods, and mixers. Which apps work best. Workflows and practices for creating everything from films to live streams to educational aids and more. The future of mobile and smartphone filmmaking is now!
Make iPhone Movies Everyone Loves

Ad • Make iPhone Movies Everyone Loves

– David Basulto

Everything you need to know to shoot like a pro with a smartphone or tablet in small, fun, easy to understand steps. The book helps you build a foundation of knowledge that will free you up, so you can unleash your creativity. In addition to showing you how the camera works, the book covers: What apps and equipment to use, How To edit on your Apple iPhone, How To create all kinds of digital videos including a child’s birthday party, a travelogue, a commercial, a video blog, and even a suspense flick. How To stage actors. How To Use the power of editing. Learn how to create a finished product that everyone will love.
Mobile Filmmaking

Ad • Mobile Filmmaking

– Maxim Mussel

We hardly ever let go of our mobile phones, we call, email, e-chat or watch films on the subway. But that does not exhaust the phone’s potential or our needs. Every modern smartphone has a 4K digital camera, and every person, a wish to create something beautiful. Everyone can shoot a real film. Switch on your iPhone’s digital camera, and look for the first shot. This Kindle book will help you to produce your debut mobile film in 100 easy steps.

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Ad • Find The Best Apple iPhone Pro Camera Books

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